“Luxury is in each detail” – Hubert de Givenchy

Founded in 2014, the Luxury Bocconi Student Society is the first and only association at Bocconi to be entirely and exclusively dedicated to the luxury industry in all its forms. It aims to provide its members with industry knowledge, insights and opportunities in the luxury sector. Its primary goal is to bring together the influential industry leaders of today and the most promising leaders of tomorrow to exchange ideas and perspectives on contemporary key business issues.

LBSS has four content-driven divisions: 

  • Lifestyle – The lifestyle division is fully dedicated to the world of leisure in all of its forms. We touch on topics that range from hospitality, to renown museums, conceptual restaurants, design and more intriguing arguments. A luxurious lifestyle is where our focus is at. We select from the most exquisite and famous to the less known but fabulous brands and people in the industry to uncover. Spotting unique hotels and exclusive spas around the world, finding the most inspiring art exhibitions in town, and discovering boundary-pushing chefs, talented artists, legendary vignerons, and outstanding hoteliers is what it is all about. Luxury in itself is a lifestyle and our division knows all about it.
  • Watches And Jewelry – The Watches and Jewelry division is made up of dedicated associates who are truly passionate about the world of horology and the fine craftsmanship that goes into the time pieces. Jewelry is a form of art in which the designer can truly express him or herself as well as meet the clients expectations. Watches and Jewelry are at the frontier of the luxury industry, and we at LBSS want to showcase this in a variety of creative ways to explore and delve deeper into the designs, making and effect of individual pieces as well as brands in the watch and jewelry industry on other sectors in the world of luxury.
  • Fashion And Accessories – In the Fashion division, you will find passionate students collaborating to shed lights on the industry’s most overlooked details and secrets. Our aim is to promote our vision of the fashion industry & Haute-Couture as delicate, scarce and qualitative. We see Fashion as the mixture of one of the world’s most influential industry, with its strong economic and political aspect, and of a true work of art and refinement. Our goal is to showcase all the diversity of influences, styles, brands and designers in this sector. We want to share our knowledge by providing content to help readers and members acquire the soft skills and culture of the industry. To give you and our members a competitive edge in luxury fashion and to connect likeminded enthusiastic students from all countries and backgrounds.
  • Cars And Transports – The Cars & Transports division is your one-stop-shop for everything related to the automotive world and not only. In such a dynamic and ever-growing industry it’s only right to have someone curate the content you consume; covering a wide range from the latest and fastest hypercars, to F1, vintage cars and even aviation. We make it our purpose to create unique content that transposes the core values and principles of LBSS into the Cars & Transports world while also acquiring industry-specific knowledge for future professionals considering this sector as a career path.

Among many benefits, its associates are provided with various complimentary services. Some examples are hereby listed:

Event Organization

Organise panels and events where we will be hosting successful professionals, brand representatives and researchers of the luxury industry as our guest speakers, in order to foster learning and networking opportunities.

The events team consists of motivated students, building the bridge between the association and the corporate world. The major purpose for events at LBSS is to further educate our members and students who are interested in all fields of luxury and give them the exclusive opportunity to get first-hand information from our guestspeakers, who are experts in the luxury world. On the other hand we deliver the possibility to our guestspeakers to interact with the next generation and foster learning and networking opportunities. In the past the team organized successful events and workshops with professionals from Bottega Veneta, Guerlain, Maserati and many more.

Professional Networking

Support the development of the association’s members in the luxury world and enhance their capabilities through the institution of a formal network with professionals working in luxury-related sectors.

Workshops & Mentorship Programs

Organise workshops, case studies, mentorship programs and field trips with our partners for career advice as well as social events to strengthen our internal relationships.              


Form close partnerships with brands, institutions, consultancy, and professionals working in the luxury industry in order to broaden our networking circle.                

Share Know-how

Create and foster personal and professional relationships between students that share a common passion for the luxury management and who are ready to get involved and test their academic knowledge by putting it into practice.