How Fashion Extends to Other Industries: Beauty

We are all aware of fashion’s influence on diverse industries, extending beyond clothing and accessories. It is a contributor to the economy, technology, and innovation, marketing, advertising, sustainability practices… The list goes on. 

One could even say that the fashion and beauty industries go hand in hand. Think of it this way: fashion is the storyteller that sets the scene for makeup looks, skincare routines, hairstyles etc. When designers create their masterpieces, they are not just designing outfits, but entire looks. On the other hand, beauty products act as the perfect accessory to fashion. You put on shoes, bags, maybe a winged eyeliner, lip-gloss… Together they create a powerful force of self-expression.

Let’s explore this symbiotic relationship a little bit more.

At fashion shows, designers get to tell stories about their collection, and brand. Crucial to this storytelling are models who, without a doubt, must look their absolute best. Picture this: you’ll never catch a model on a runway looking like she has just gotten out of bed or worse, with makeup that resembles a child’s attempt. It just doesn’t match the theme. The same way you will not see someone wearing sweatpants with a makeup look that belongs in a movie set.

We’ve established that fashion and beauty share an inseparable bond, each enhancing the other’s narrative. But this dynamic duo doesn’t stop at the runway or Sephora; it extends into the very essence of our daily lives.

Nowadays, many fashion brands have ventured into the realm of cosmetics and skincare, a territory once reserved for traditional beauty brands. For many customers, owning a lavish piece of clothing from high-end brands might be a distant dream, but spending on a Dior blush, foundation, or even the Miss Dior perfume is a more tangible luxury. The accessibility of these products allows people to experience the luxury of fashion brands without spending obscene amounts of money.

The beauty industry has even reached the highest of people in pop culture. Celebrities, such as Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, and even Lady Gaga have become architects of their own beauty empire, turning makeup into more than just a finishing touch. These celebrity-created lines are not just makeup, but a way for us as consumers to live like them. 

Let’s zoom in on Rhode, a current standout brand finely curated by none other than Hailey Bieber herself. Its minimalistic approach has captivated people worldwide, with products like the Peptide Lip Treatments or Glazing Milk. Bieber is known to cleverly use fashion as a method to market her brand, as seen in her strategic choice of outfits during product launches. 

Take, for instance, the launch of her new Strawberry Glaze Peptide Lip Treatment, a worldwide success with over 1 million units sold.  During that same weekend, the model-turned-businesswoman was seen sporting three different looks, each a homage to her ‘strawberry creation’.  Nowadays, it is not rare to see celebrities pay tribute to their latest projects. Hailey did this to great effect: from a Vivienne Westwood dress to a Ferragamo bag, to strawberry earrings, each outfit was a visual representation of her latest project, demonstrating once again the fusion of beauty and fashion in self-expression.

In this era, as we witness many fashion brands and celebrities venturing into cosmetics and skincare, a territory once reserved for traditional beauty brands, the beauty industry has transcended its conventional role. Makeup has become more than a finishing touch; it’s the new accessory, a symbol of empowerment, and a form of wearable art. As fashion continues to intertwine with beauty, the lines between the two blur, offering us an evolving canvas where self-expression knows no bounds.

By Claudia Casin

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