LBSS Suggestions: Breakfast & Lunch

Pasticceria Cova
Stepping into Pasticceria Cova feels like entering a time capsule of elegance and indulgence. Since its
founding in 1817, this charming pastry shop has been a haven for those seeking refined sweetness in
the heart of Milan. In the author’s opinion, the cakes and the pastries on display in the front window
call the visitor of Via Montenapoleone to cross the threshold and be surrounded by the scent of freshly
baked pastries. The ambiance and the lovingly crafted treats exude a sense of timeless sophistication,
whispering tales of tradition and craftsmanship passed down through generations. Indeed, arrays of
famous artists, writers and musicians have met at Cova over the decades. A visit to Pasticceria Cova is not
just about satisfying your sweet tooth; its’ about experiencing a slice of Milanese history served with a
side of unparalleled decadence.

Pasticceria Marchesi
Celebrating its 200th anniversary in 2024, Pasticceria Marchesi has been a cornerstone of Milan’s bakery
scene since its inception in 1824. Renowned for its exquisite Panettone and artisanal pastries, with the
marron glacé leading them, Marchesi quickly gained fame for its dedication to quality and
craftsmanship. In the early 1900s, it evolved into a convivial meeting point with the addition of coffee
and drinks, transforming into the elegant café it is today. Still boasting original boiserie and furniture,
Marchesi continues to astonish visitors with its opulently decorated pastry artworks, showcasing the
mastery of its artisans. However, beware that visiting during busy hours may impair your ability to fully
enjoy this iconic establishment’s delightful experience, so wake up early to avoid queuing for a very
much desired table with a view of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II!

Lunch: street food
Giannasi dal 1967
Giannasi is not your typical sit-down restaurant; it is more of a lively kiosk bursting with flavor since
1967. Just a few minutes walking from Porta Romana, this place is not just about the food – it is a street
food experience. Picture yourself standing at the counter, inhaling the irresistible aroma of grilled meat
skewers and crispy fried finger food. The temptation is real but heed the advice: do not go overboard!
While indulging in Giannasi’s mouth-watering offerings, like their juicy skewers and an assorted mix of
fried delights, it is easy to lose track. So, take your time, enjoy the vibe, but remember, moderation is key.
Part of the charm here is the casual setup; no fancy tables, just a bench and low walls in the park where
you can sit with friends and share a moment of true Milanese street food.

Lunch: restaurant
Ristorante A’Riccione
Away from the hustle and bustle of the centre of Milan, Ristorante A’Riccione (once named Vecchia
Riccione) stands as the city’s first fish restaurant, a testament to its dedication to seafood excellence
since 1953. With a warm Mediterranean decor and a menu of freshly caught seafood, A’Riccione offers
an intimate dining experience like no other. The restaurant has gained fame in the ’70s by being the
haunt of cultural clubs like Gianni Brera “Club del giovedì” (Thursdays club). Their signature dish, the
Frittura Mista di Mare, transports diners to the sun-drenched shores of the Italian coast with every bite.
Complemented by a curated selection of regional wines, A’Riccione invites you to savor the true taste
of Italian seafood cuisine tradition.

Mid-Morning or After-lunch chocolates
Pasticceria Galli
Just a couple steps from Piazza Missori stands Pasticceria Galli, a hidden gem for chocolate lovers.
Since its founding in 1911, this family-owned pastry shop has distinguished itself for the uniqueness of
its chocolate treats. While every delicacy at Pasticceria Galli is a testament to the passion and
craftsmanship of its creators, there is one peculiar treat that wins as best chocolate in the author’s heart
– the Marron Purée. Made with the finest chestnuts and expertly crafted into a velvety puree, this
indulgent delight captures the essence of autumn in every bite – alas just one or two – and makes you
regret not having tried it before. Whether you are a fan of chestnuts or simply seeking a taste of seasonal
bliss, a visit to Pasticceria Galli is sure to leave you craving more.

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