Beatrice.B at MFW: De-Posh collection

Beatrice.B is a Plissé brand founded in 2002 by art director Paolo Mason and group CEO Morena Bragagnolo with the aim of bringing Italian know-how and craftsmanship into a pret-à-porter product.

The brand appeals to a contemporary and cosmopolitan woman as the attention to detail and quality expresses softness and elegance. Plissé Group has been on the market since 1988 and has its mission in bringing the excellence of Made in Italy to the market: 100% of production is based in Italy in order to verify and protect the product from the beginning to the end, down to the smallest detail, while investigating of unexplored handmade production techniques. Fashion designer Beatrice Mason, Morena’s daughter, collaborates with her mother to develop new collections that reflect the brand’s vision, taking inspiration from Italian culture, innovations, art and design. The result is rarely influenced by current trends and has in its uniqueness its value, with simple but timeless designs, elegant volumes and unusual colors.

Thanks to its success, Beatrice.b is present in today’s national and international markets, in particular Russia, Europe, the USA, the Balkans, and the Middle East.

On the 24th of February, LBSS was invited to attend the presentation of Beatrice .B’s new collection for Milan Fashion Week, called DE-POSH. The collection featured a wide variety of looks, ranging from casual day wear -athletic- to elegant evening wear.

At the presentation, Bragagnolo explained that the aim of this collection is to re-define the concept of “posh” and introduce the idea of inclusivity within the aesthetic typically reserved for the elite. The Beatrice .B team was inspired by the English bourgeoisie, whom Bragagnolo painted as frequentors of members clubs and high-profile sporting events. In fact, multiple looks in the DE-POSH collection featured stirrup trousers, commonly worn in horse-riding. This play on creatively incorporating traditional beliefs of what it means to be posh was a common thread in the collection.

The idea of whispering (rather than screaming) luxury manifests itself in a variety of ways in this collection. Subtle monogram prints and heritage earth tones are sprinkled throughout the collection. In the spirit of re-defining “posh” and highlighting the contrast between the elite and regular people, Beatrice .B’s garments featured a selection of breaking colors such as lime green and strong gold in order to draw attention to this contrast.

Bragagnolo went on to describe the importance of sustainability and the way Beatrice .B incorporates that into the brand. Materials associated with the posh aesthetic include fur, sheepskin, leather, and silk. In order to play an active role in promoting sustainability, Beatrice .B paid special attention to the sourcing of materials in order to ensure they were made in an animal-friendly way and used recycled fibers.

Overall, Beatrice .B’s DE-POSH collection celebrates the “posh” aesthetic through increasing its accessibility and promoting care and thoughtfulness, rather than merely appearance. In a collection which elevates basics and pairs informal attire with formal attire, Beatrice .B has managed to bring to reality their initial aim to show a collection which uproots previous notions which come hand-in-hand with the fashion of the elite.

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