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Del Core is a fashion house founded in Milan in 2020 by Daniel Del Core. A sense of classical beauty and a love for nature inspires an ever-evolving fantasy of mutant glamour, assiduously executed with exceptional manual skills, and translated across different product categories, including accessories. Del Core integrates made-to-measure designs with ready-to-wear, creating pieces that marry the flowing and the architectural with a keen sense of texture and color.

Debuting in February 2021 during Milan Fashion Week, “Collezione Zero,” was born from contemplation on the cycle of nature’s creation and destruction: changes of state, regenerations, and transformations. Del Core’s show was the only in-person spectacle with a small audience, held at the Cittadella degli Archivi, a complex of nondescript administrative buildings housing the archives of the Municipality of Milan. The sterile setting created a stark contrast with the theatricality of the collection. The garments were eccentric, with couture influences, inspired by science fiction and bioluminescence.

The runway show was heavily influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, which had suddenly shifted fashion shows to the digital realm, abandoning in-person events for a couple of seasons.

Just two years after the debut runway show during Milan Fashion Week, Del Core stands out as one of the most sought-after emerging fashion houses of the moment – so much so that it has captured the attention of several Hollywood stars, including Amal Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, Beyonce, and Rita Ora. 

At the core of Del Core’s project is the idea that beauty is not static but an act of openness to a vibrant, fluid aesthetic vision. Indeed, the collections are in constant evolution, in a system where each complements the other, defining a complete wardrobe. 


Daniel Del Core was born in 1989 in Germany to a German mother and an Italo-German father. At the age of 16, he left Germany to study art, ceramics, and sculpture in Italy. He then completed his studies in visual arts and fashion at the IED in Milan. After obtaining his degree, he began working first at Dolce & Gabbana, then at Versace and Zuhair Murad. Later, he moved to Rome to work at Gucci alongside Alessandro Michele. Here, he was appointed head of the VIP atelier, an experience that allowed him to collaborate with many artists. 

Del Core nurtures his vision of beauty with a pronounced sensibility for sci-fi and fantasy cinema, modern architecture, and the wonders of nature, which he explores in his extensive travels to remote and exotic locations.

Haute Couture seems to be his natural playing field, and that’s where his creative process begins and then transmits the distilled information to Prêt-à-porter.

Daniel explains that prêt-à-porter and Haute Couture are two very different things, it is almost like talking about two distinct worlds, especially in terms of design. Returning from a trip Daniel decided to bring with him objects that were a source of inspiration, including a mushroom. Daniel Del Core contemplates how to translate it into a dress. He initiates the process with thorough research and design. The next crucial step unfolds in the atelier, the heart of his company, where trials and studies are conducted to bring the concept to life. This phase is particularly vital due to the intricate construction of some garments. Simultaneously, another facet of Daniel’s work involves an in-depth exploration of materials, embroideries, and fabrics. Ultimately, the garment comes to fruition through the interplay of material and form design. 

What ties both works together is an aesthetic that reinterprets forms, colors, and architectures from observations of the natural environment, which Daniel Del Core views as an almost infinite source of inspiration. He always wonders how to create something that is both contemporary and traditional, with shapes and inspirations. 

The synthesis is found in two words that define Del Core’s style: Mutant Glamour. His is a fluid chaos that can be material yet evanescent, sculptural yet intangible. It’s a harmonious, liquid dichotomy that stirs the universe of Daniel Del Core and his brand. 

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