Porsche’s Exclusivity at Milano Design Week

Vivacity, art and design. These are the best words to describe Milano every year during the frenetic Milano Design Week, the most important international event for the design industry. 

Within the hectic nature of the event, full of artistic and other various stimuli, the automotive world has managed to carve out a small but relevant space dedicated to its vehicles and innovations. Cars are no longer seen only as a necessity, to move us through the busy city streets: they have become pieces of pure design and artistic refinement, expressing an elaborate process that intersects beauty with modern technology. 

Milano’s luxurious districts have been chosen by numerous automakers to exhibit special edition vehicles and launch new products. Lamborghini with its singular Huracan Sterrato, BMW with the electric Vision Neue Klasse and Alfa Romeo with the Alfa Romeo Junior. Porsche is in the spotlight bringing the Stuttgart’s world-wide known brand into two dedicated spaces – The Art of Dreams and Casa Macan – capturing three different realities by joining their historical design pieces and a new full-electric car.

From the outside, in what seems like a typical building of historical Milano, opens up into a hidden gem in the city centre: a peaceful white palace that echoing luxurious Provence, thanks to the perfumed local lilac flowers. Casa Macan, located in via Poma 38, is an exclusive temporal reality for a limited circle of Porsche customers, called “depositors”, that have already ordered the new exclusive car, planned to be released in the second half of 2024. The occasion is the world premiere, or so called “sneak preview”, of the new Porsche Macan in the exclusive Provence color (a mix of lilac and grey tonalities) that inspired the whole location. 

This Macan 4 marks a clean break with the past, moving closer to the Taycan world, replacing the heat engine with an electric one. Relevant as well is the revolutionary change in the vehicle’s design, which transforms its familiar soft curves into more arrogant and dynamic lines, once again approaching the Taycan line.

The LBSS’s cars and transport division has had the opportunity to live this exclusive experience, like a ”depositor customer”. Thanks to a manager of Porsche Italia, we have been introduced us to Mr. Marco Teli, dealer principal in Como, who explained the mood of the event. “What is happening in Casa Macan is unbelievable! Customer finally has a chance to see the car, purchased months ago without viewing photos. Thanks to today’s evocative setting, customer can taste the car as if it was already at home. All of us Porsche Centers are very satisfied with this immersive idea!”- this is what Mr. Teli affirmed regarding the event.

Away from the curious eyes of tourists and journalists, a Provence Macan is shown not only a design object, but as a true piece of art. 

The second Porsche space, located in Brera district, turns out to be distant from the exclusivity of the innovative Casa Macan concept, intersecting more between the world of art and Porsche history. The event “The art of dreams” presents the artwork “Lines of Flight “by the art collective Numen/For Use, inspired by the iconic Pepita pattern of Porsche interiors used since late 1950s. Surrounded among the repetition, and symmetry, of the black and white pied-de-poule of the fabric, a bright red ’68 Porsche 911 L coupe stands out, recently restored after being forgotten for half a century in a barn near Bradenburg. As in Casa Macan, the red protagonist is shown more like a work of art than a normal car, fascinating every enthusiast through its unforgettable traits. 

Hidden by the crowd of international tourists, stuck looking at the historic 911, the third Porsche reality can be discovered, fully dedicated to the fusion of iconic interior design and automotive tradition. A new limited edition chair collection by Vitra, designed by Antonio Citterio, using the Pepita pattern is presented. The elegant contours of Vitra’s design classics meet Porsche’s legendary Pepita fabric, celebrating a history of innovation.

The luxurious automotive world demonstrates its ability to present an object that, in the eyes of many, is seen only as a “moving piece of iron” as a true work of art of sophisticated design. For us, LBSS members, what distinguished Porsche from other automotive companies was not the “art of dreams” reality, accessible to a wide audience of enthusiasts, but the innovative concept of Casa Macan. Once again, exclusivity and accessibility to a secret event is what really made the luxury customer such, allowing him to live an unforgettable experience surrounded by a service designed down to the smallest detail.

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