Victoria Beckham’s 15 Engagement Rings: A retrospective

Twenty six years of true love, four beautiful children, and fifteen commemorative rings
later, this is the epitome of modern day loyal companionship with a glamourous
sprinkle of excess, which has always been the way for Victoria Beckham, the icon
Let’s dive right into it. 1998 marks the beginning of their union, and David, who has

always set the trends and never followed them, proposed with a three-carat marquise-
cut diamond reportedly worth $85.000. The couple paired it with a yellow gold pavé

eternity band for the husband and matching yellow gold Rolex Yacht-Masters (in true
1990s fashion of course).

In 2001, after the ring that had started it all, VB decided to change the diamond with a
full pavé eternity band, similar to the one that David was wearing.

2003 marks the year of the first major upgrade for Victoria, who started proudly wearing
an emerald-cut diamond (in the range of seven carats) with side baguette stones at the
MTV awards.

VB threw a massive party in London for her 30th and David for the occasion gifted her a
beautiful ten-carat oval pink diamond, that at the time was worth $1.1 million. This was
the first ring that cost more than $1 million, making it a very special one in the

In June 2005, she was spotted wearing another ring this time a seventeen-carat pear-
shaped diamond with a pavé band at the opening ceremony of David’s football

academy. (Yes, 17 carats, you read that right.)

However, shortly after, in 2006, at the New York Fashion Week, the Posh Spice proved
once again, that there can never be enough bling when she captured all the attention
with the at the time, newest addition to her engagement ring collection. The ring, was an
emerald-cut, yellow diamond set on one gold eternity band, but VB usually wore it with
additional two to flaunt it even more.

2007 is the year of the first coloured stone in the collection. In the form of a cushion-cut
emerald stone surrounded by diamonds and platinum seting, Mrs. Beckham showed oa
the ring for the first time at Elton John’s annual fundraising AIDS party.

In 2008, she upgraded her earlier emerald cuts with a new larger one, designed by
Chopard (8th ring for those counting). VB first donned the ring at the Marc Jacobs
fashion show in New York.

Posh Spice completed the holy trinity of coloured stones in 2009, with an oval-cut ruby
worn at the Met Gala and an oval-cut sapphire worn at the British Fashion Awards.

VB, being the trendsetter herself, started the 2010s with a wave of minimalism and
understatement, setting the bar for “quiet luxury ” as symbolised by her first
“downgrade”: a new, oval pink diamond set on a yellow gold band.

Posh Spice remained quiet until 2015, when she first started wearing a new round
diamond with a halo setting and round side stones at the amFar Hong Kong gala. That
same year however, she chose her first hard stone, in the form of a yellow gold and
diamond-set moonstone.

In 2016, she chose a new square-cut diamond ring for the Cannes film festival, going
back to basics.

Her latest, ring to date, but we hope not the last, is a fancy, yellow gold-set, vivid, yellow
square-diamond ring acquired in 2018 and worn at the Paris Fashion Week. In the

photo, Posh Spice can be seen wearing the ring on her pinky while leaving her 50th
birthday party.

Wrapping up the collection, we can clearly see the evolution of style, materials, sizes,
cuts, and stones matching VB’s ever-evolving fashion sense and we are avidly waiting
for what is coming next for her. If she has decided her collection is complete, we cannot
wait to see whether her daugther and daughthers-in-law follow in her footsteps and
start their own envious collections.

-Lorenzo Greco, Lara Mikulic

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