Best spots in Milan for fashion

Museo Della Seta of Como – The Museo della Seta in Como is a museum that focuses on the history and production of silk, located in the former silk factory, “Antonio Ratti.” Upon arrival, you will have the opportunity to view various silk-related items from different periods and regions, such as antique textile machines, silk fabrics, clothing, and accessories. In addition, interactive exhibitions are available to provide information on the different stages of silk production. The museum is dedicated to promoting silk art and educating visitors: to achieve this, they organize workshops, events, and temporary exhibitions related to textiles and fashion. If you have an interest in the history of silk, textiles, or fashion, the Museo della Seta in Como is definitely a place you should consider visiting.

Antonia – Antonia Milano, an upscale fashion boutique located in Milan, is definitely worth checking out. They offer a thoughtfully curated collection of clothing and accessories for men and women from both established and emerging designers. The selection is focused on luxury and avant-garde fashion, encompassing clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. The store’s interior design is modern and minimalist, with an emphasis on showcasing their products. For a relaxing break, you can also visit their cafe and enjoy refreshments. Antonia Milano is a popular shopping destination for fashion enthusiasts and has been featured in top fashion magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. 

ADI Design Museum – The Italian Association for Industrial Design established the ADI Design Museum in Milan in 1956 to promote and recognize Italian design. When you visit the museum, which is located in the Palazzo dell’Arte, you can view a collection of over 1,600 pieces, ranging from furniture, lighting, and ceramics to textiles and graphic design. The museum displays the works of both established and emerging Italian designers and offers workshops, conferences, and educational programs suitable for all ages. Moreover, it has a design library, archive, and laboratory that you can explore and engage with. The museum provides an immersive experience that celebrates the creativity and innovation of Italian design culture.

Fondazione Prada – If you enjoy contemporary art and culture, you will love Fondazione Prada. Founded in 1993 by Miuccia Prada and her husband, the complex was designed by Rem Koolhaas, in a project which saw the renewal of a former gin distillery, seamlessly blending old and new architecture. Fondazione Prada, also the usual venue for the Prada fashion shows, will provide you with a diverse cultural experience with rotating art exhibitions that feature contemporary artists from around the world, showcasing various artistic media. Alongside the exhibitions, the complex features a cinema, library, and restaurant. The cinema hosts film screenings, the library is a treasure trove of art books, and the restaurant serves avant-garde cuisine. All in all, the innovative architecture, world-class art exhibitions, and immersive cultural offerings, make Fondazione Prada a must-visit destination for contemporary arts enthusiasts in Milan.

Armani/Casa a Palazzo – Experience the magic of Giorgio Armani in Milan as Palazzo Orsini, the historic headquarter of the company, opens its doors to the public for the first time during Salone del Mobile. Discover the new Armani/Casa collection in this iconic venue that has been a part of Milan’s history. You will find the outdoor collection in the secret garden, to then continue your tour within the Palazzo to admire the superior furniture showcased in the frescoed rooms on the first floor. As you step into the atelier of the Giorgio Armani Privé haute couture collection, the seamless blend with the Armani/Casa design comes as clear, highlighting the brand’s consistent style. The attention to materials, craftsmanship, and elegance that are quintessentially Armani are evident in every detail. This one-of-a-kind experience allows you to fully immerse yourself in the world of Armani and appreciate the brand’s aesthetic. Don’t miss the chance to witness the captivating fusion of fashion and design at Palazzo Orsini during your visit to Milan.

Palazzo Morando – History of Milan’s Fashion – Palazzo Morando, situated in the heart of Quadrilatero della Moda, the Milanese historical fashion district, is a captivating historic palace that offers the opportunity to step back in time and explore the heritage of fashion and costume. Palazzo Morando serves as a dual purpose, as it features a large art gallerythat showcases an important iconographic collection, as well as an exhibition for the precious historical costumes. Whether you’re a fashion, history, or architecture enthusiast, Palazzo Morando is a must during your time in Milan. Admire the unique characteristics of this 16th-century palace, and experience the timeless allure of Palazzo Morando’s captivating charm as you explore its preserved treasures and learn about the legacy of fashion and costume.

Armani SilosGiorgio Armani created Armani/Silos as a tribute to his 40-year-old career. A ‘silo’ which is a building that stores food seemed fit for Armani’s new concept. For him, fashion, just as food, is essential for life. The building is home to a permanent collection of over 600 outfits and accessories starting with the 80s, as well as a digital archive. From haute couture to iconic red carpet looks, you can find it all. If you are looking for a full 360° artistic experience, the Guy Bourdin – storyteller photography exhibition can also be found in Armani silos until august 31st . 

Corso Como 10 – This place offers a tad bit of everything. If you want to step away from the traditional shopping experience and immersing yourself in a world overwhelmed by art sounds more like your perfect Sunday activity, you have a winner. Corso Como 10 welcomes a bar, restaurant, art gallery, bookshop, boutique hotel and a well-curated luxury boutique.  It was born with a wish to offer the best from A to Z, combining products and emotions in a synesthetic environment.

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