Julia Fox: A Dichotomy in Luxury  

Julia Fox has demonstrated once again how easy it is for her to become a hot topic all over the internet. Whether you heard her name for her widely-discussed relationship with Ye or her ground-breaking and provocative outfits (often winking to young designers), the 33-year old actress is constantly raising the bar of creativity, while following a clear pattern towards the viewer: remaining transparent without sacrificing the shock effect. 

The fashion icon opened her TikTok app and set the record straight: forget everything you have seen on Vogue’s 73 Questions. From Kim Kardashian’s “minimal monastery” mansion to Margot Robbie’s “Bohemian retreat” home in Venice Beach, Fox went viral by sharing a tour of her ordinary New York apartment, in which she is living with her 2-year old son, Valentino. 

Starting with the living room – which is now her bedroom and simultaneously Valentino’s playroom – we spot an unmade bed and an untidy clothing rack, threatening the kid’s area for games. The rest of the apartment is bursting with stuff. Toys, bags and shoes are chaotically scattered on the hallway’s floor while shoe boxes populate the kitchen, just as the table that is filled with everything that could prevent you from having a proper meal. 

But why should a celebrity as notorious as her own an apartment as understated as hers? The “Uncut Gems” actress contemplates the alternative of moving to a bigger place – although denying speculations about her alleged $30 million net worth – but turns down the opportunity for the sake of her moral principles. Fox is no stranger to the spotlight but she cleverly turned a trivial house tour into a moment of reflection, addressing issues such as income inequality and destitution. “I don’t like excessive displays of wealth” she claimed. “Especially people that have really big houses, it’s just really wasteful when there’s so many homeless people in this country”.

Julia has taught us a valuable lesson: there is no such thing as a univocal way to experience luxury. Not all celebrities lead a prosperous lifestyle because having expensive habits may collide with values and personal convictions. The fashion star is striving to give her son “a sense of normalcy” and seemingly values a lot more being in touch with the real world than owning a penthouse in Manhattan. “I don’t buy nice shit” she asserts in another TikTok, revealing how her humble background shaped her into the person she is now – which is why she wants her baby to go down the same road. “I used to be … an aesthetic queen and want my space curated perfectly … but then I realized there’s more to life”.  

Julia Fox is a captivating living dichotomy: fearlessly walking this February’s New York Fashion Week holding a life-sized body bag while, at the same time, displaying her modest private sphere on social media. Her edgy fashion choices merge with unusual lifestyle decisions (at least for a celebrity like her), turning her to be an ahead-of-her time fashionista and one of the most relatable stars you’ll ever see. 

One thing is sure: everything she does, she does it carelessly. This is why we appreciate her so much.

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