Raisa Vanessa Takes on Milan

Raisa Vanessa is a luxury brand founded by twin sisters, Raisa Sason and Vanessa Sason in 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey. The brand is known for combining various fabrics and styles to produce intricate, yet bold and alluring designs. Garage 21 venue, one of the largest in Milan, was adorned with Raisa Vanessa’s haute couture this week for MFW’24. The brand was one of the many to present its newest F/W 2024 collection to the world. 

The inspiration behind their F/W 2024 collection, “Aviva & Gracious”, was the twins’ grandparents who passed away the past year. This was a turning point for them, as they realized that they had never appreciated what they accomplished so far. Their collection was the result of this new path of creation and appreciation that they decided to enter. The collection consisted of a diverse range of pieces including prêt-à-porter, evening gowns, party dresses, and semi-couture. The pieces were specially designed to have the staple features of their previous collections, like hand-embroidered sculptural pieces and fully sequined fabrics. The materials varied from velvet to organza and fur to leather, and the color scheme of the collection ranged from sparkly to mute, appealing to a large range of fashion admirers. The showroom radiated energy and elegance with stacks of the brand’s colorful and vibrant pieces and undoubtedly earned its place in the 2024 MFW.

While the showroom was open throughout the week, the main event of the brand was its presentation in Palazzo Reale on the 24th of February. Inside the historic venue, more than 30 mannequins were lined up to showcase the garments. The event hosted many known faces in the fashion industry and was filmed with a drone. One of the most adored pieces was the Brown Leather set, which consisted of a statement headpiece with gold buckles that reach the neck, a flower-embroidered cropped leather jacket, a knit brown top with the buckles lined up at the front from top to bottom, flower-embroidered pants that matched the jacket and a chunky brown belt for a final finishing touch. The ambiance of the venue combined with the stunning collection was nothing less than breathtaking.


After establishing a strong presence in Paris and New York Fashion Weeks, Raisa Vanessa has now made its debut in Milan, which, in summary, proved to be a triumphing success. The brand will make its return next season, for the S/S 2025 collection.

By Selin Atalar



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