Louis Vuitton’s reinvention of the Tambour Watch

Known for its innovative ideas and luxurious handbags Louis Vuitton is not the first name that comes to mind when thinking of watches. The Maison is known for its intemporal pieces which still vary season by season. Going beyond the product and being a leader in the trends are at the heart of the Maison’s values. With Jean Arnault, one of Bernard Arnault’s son, taking over the watch making division at Louis Vuitton a new ambitious goal has been created. Entering the watchmaking industry, more specifically the luxurious and high-end watchmaking industry. 

This is seen with the unveiling of the reinvented and refined “Tambour Watch”. A watch that was created over 21 years ago but has now been rethought. It is characterized as a “integrated sports watch”. Numerous details such as the integrated bracelet which allows those wearing it to have a fluid yet robust feel to the bracelet. The watch includes an automatic three-hand movement which embodies the Maison’s signature codes. With 12 letters engraved around the bezel and its drum shaped case the tambour kept signature elements of its original model. The dial design being directly correlated to the aesthetic of Louis Vuitton with the classic “LV” being enclosed. Swiss made with the French touches it embodies the savoir-faire wanted when creating this watch. The only text present within the watch being the “Louis Vuitton Paris” and “Fab. En Suisse” which are acknowledgements to La Fabrique du Temps and vintage Fab. Suisse dials. As the brand is entering its next era in watchmaking this watch marks Louis Vuitton’s first proprietary automatic three-hand movement. When looking at the micro-rotor (part which allows for the rotation of the pointers) is a “chronometer-certified caliber conceived by Michel Navas and Enrico Barbasisni of La Fabrique du Temps”.

With a starting price point of approximately 19,000 euros, the Tambour Watch enters a fiercely competitive space occupied by watchmaking Maison’s with decades of history and tradition. It is a bold step for Louis Vuitton, emphasizing the brand’s determination to create a mark in the luxury watch market. The Maison has also decided to name Bradley Cooper, the renowned American actor and filmmaker, as the Tambour Watch Ambassador. Cooper’s association with the brand is expected to resonate with watch enthusiasts and bring Hollywood’s attention to the watch. 

Bradley Cooper portrayed wearing the watch for the LV campaign – cc: @robbreport

As we look ahead, it’s truly intriguing to witness the Maison’s ventures into this new era of luxury watchmaking. Louis Vuitton’s dedication to innovation and timelessness are embodied by the Tambour Watch. Setting the stage for a fascinating journey into the world of horology. The reimagined Tambour Watch serves as a testament to Louis Vuitton’s enduring pursuit of excellence. This new chapter in Louis Vuitton’s legacy is being scripted, with a new watch aiming at breaking barriers in the horological world of the Maison. 

Close up on the details – cc: @amazon

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