Queen Elizabeth’s legacy in the world of fashion – A journey in Her Majesty’s true style: headscarves, Barbour and other iconic accessories

Perfectly in nuance with her favourite vacation spot style and in contrast with the most royal and colorful accessories she wears at public events, the silk headscarf is definitely Her Majesty’s most iconic item for her casual looks. While her staff has built the entire royal wardrobe based on the colourful coat-and-hat combination, Queen Elizabeth has made space in her closet for her “casual look” capsule, including an entire scarf collection.

The headscarf has always represented a humble accessory until Queen Elizabeth started wearing it in her youth. It definitely became a fashion trend when Grace Kelly used a Hermès scarf to cover a broken arm at a yacht party in the 60s. Her Majesty used to wear stylish scarves while vacationing in the Scottish countryside or attending the Royal Windsor Horse Show, watching her favorite pony winning the competition. Rapidly, the headscarf gained as much importance as her ladylike colorful hats, even if initially reserved only for less formal events (exceptionally greeting Barack Obama and Michell Obama in a blue silk headscarf).

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