#LBSScollabs : the iconic collaborations between the Fashion and Automotive industry

This article was jointly made by LBSS and RELUSO (University of Warwick Retail and Luxury Society)

Luxury brands continuously push the boundaries of what is possible, offering products of higher quality, unique aesthetic, and rarity to the discerning consumer. People choose luxury brands as a way to express their personality, status and uniqueness. Many a time, people have their preferred brands for different categories of products. What better idea than to combine two brands that you like?

We will be looking at three iconic collaborations between the most prestigious companies of the fashion and automotive industry, detailing the stories and intricacies of each of these collaborations.

Yamamoto X Lamborghini: 

Known for his modern and avant-garde tailoring, Yoji Yamamoto is a famous Japanese designer who is regarded for his many contributions to the fashion industry. His signature style is darker colors mixed with bright hues, expressed in different textures.

The Lamborghini head of design, Mitja Borkert, was captivated when he saw the strong red and black contrasts in the Paris Fashion Week of 2020. Combined with the impressive craftsmanship, he decided that a Lamborghini should also be given a similar treatment.

Thus, the Lamborghini Aventador S “Yamamoto” was created, designed inside and out in a similar red and black contrast as seen in Yamamoto’s collection. The launch came with a mod coat, bomber jacket and a hoodie in the same style.

The collaboration was a celebration of “Italian craftsmanship connecting with Japanese culture”, said Borkert. It was also unveiled timely at the launch of the Lamborghini Lounge Tokyo, where there is a permanent Ad Personam studio where clients can personalise every detail of a Lamborghini when placing an order.

Bugatti X Hermès:

Hermès is a brand known for its excellent craftsmanship and eye for detail. There has been a history of collaboration between Hermès and Bugatti as both brands represent the best of luxury design. Launched after 3 years of precision work, this masterpiece commissioned by real estate mogul Manny Khoshbin is a perfect combination of elegance and luxury. The famous Hermès colour Creie was chosen for this collaboration, with the shade extending from the bodywork to the rear bumper to even the wheels. The interior is made from Hermès leather in the same Creie shade and paired with cashmere panels. The car has a ‘H’ monogram, embellished in the Horseshoe unlike the traditional X that is present in other Chiron, representing the Hermès collection. This car is the only one that uses Ecrw and Creie leather with the door panels lined with special cashmere silk. The interior also includes the iconic Courbettes horse motif that graces the rear wings, which is only visible when the wing is elevated.

Even though both companies operate in different industries, this project is the essence of luxury, with two companies utilising their resources to the best of their ability to create a product which pushes the boundaries of luxury.

Drake X Chrome Hearts X Rolls Royce: 

Canadian rapper Drake is known to enjoy a collaboration of his favourite brands, as seen from his previous collaborations of Rolex X Chrome Hearts, as well as his upcoming Nocta X Nike Air Force 1 Low project.

However, one of the most prominent ones has to be the collaboration between Drake, Rolls Royce and Chrome Hearts. A Rolls Royce Cullinan was extensively modified, adding a number of modifications to the exterior as well as redesigning interior elements extensively. The Cullinan was also launched together with a collection of Drake X Chrome Hearts gear and auto accessories.

The vehicle has a discreet black exterior, mainly defined by specially designed Maltese cross 24-inch “F*ck You” rims and a Cemetery Cross hood ornament. The interior is completely black, with quilted leather and Maltese crosses all around, further dotted with jewels on the centre console. The word “DRAKE” is also stitched into the sun visor.

Rolls Royce is known to be a very exclusive brand, only working with the most distinguished partners and to have a collaboration with Chrome Hearts and Drake, shows the significance of this project. This is also evident from the major modifications and design changes which took almost two years to finalise and launch.


Experimenting is essential in luxury, and these collaborations very much prove that. Nowadays, many people view cars as fashion accessories and car manufacturers are increasingly aware of that. Hence, they continue to cater to these fashion-conscious motor enthusiasts.

There has been a long history of collaborations between automotive brands and fashion houses, and they have produced some of the most iconic designs. As these companies continue to challenge the limits of creativity brought to life with the best materials, the story of limited-edition collaborations will only evolve and continue on a larger scale.

Written by Cleve Lim (LBSS) and Chhavi Daga (RELUSO)

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