Lamborghini Museum

You can let your heart live at Maranello, or you can drive 35km East, to Sant’Agata, a tiny town in Bologna, where all your other senses can be set alive. This is the birthplace, headquarters, and factory town of Lamborghini. Upon arrival a large Lamborghini sign, prominently placed atop a facade of reflective glass, and the ubiquitous charging bull emblem, greet you and immediately foreshadow the forward thinking and futuristic approach Lamborghini instills in their cars. A myriad of neon-coloured Lamborghinis in the parking lot awaken the first of your senses, sight,  and Lamborghini does not wait to tackle the next as soon as you enter the building.  A fast-paced movie, played in a dark room is echoed by the sound of high-revving V12 Engines, whose vibrations penetrate and reverberate throughout your entire body.  Exiting this dark room, your eyes struggle to adjust to  the bright, nostalgic models littered around the exposition floor.  Models such as the LM-002, the “Grandfather of the Urus”, a teal Miura, with excessive amounts of metallic sparkle or a incredibly aggressive Diablo GT, all serve to remind you of a different era of Lamborghini. This was an era of excess, of flashy cars and an era where a Lamborghini would feel most at home in Miami Beach, surrounded by models, and the ultra-rich.  The glossy carbon fiber on the Diablo, the bright white and red interior of the Miura and the scandalous looks of the LM-002 contrast what you find on the upper floor of the museum.  Ascending the central staircase, you are brought into the new era of Lamborghini. This epoch is defined by attention to detail, carefully selected materials and upmost precision.  This is a space one might expect to smell like a bottle of isopropyl alcohol. The left wall of the room  is flanked by the most revolutionary and select Lamborghinis, the Reventon, the Sesto Elemento, the Veneno and the Sian, all showcases of what Lamborghini can produce, and the founding philosophy of their distinctive design language. The right side, is a mirror image, displaying all the series production cars derived from the masterpieces, with an Aventador, a Huracan and a Murcielago being shown in all their glory.  The most striking element of the floor is however a white original Countach, which seats directly in front of its modern version, the 2022 model. Both cars are specced in almost identical trim, emphasizing a connection to the original rebel soul of the company. Only one more element is present, a Lamborghini driving simulator, your chance to feel what the hype is about, and thus concluding the museum visit and awakening the last of your senses, touch.

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