Ferrari Museum

A name living in the hearts of all car enthusiasts, an astonishing 75-year-old Italian symbol, a piece of art painted in an immaculate red; all of these are parts of what the prancing horse painted on a yellow background under the flag of Italy truly represent: Ferrari.

On the way there, you have already seen it. On the left and on the right, on the street and on billboards. Everywhere in Maranello there is a touch of the irreplaceable red car we all know. By entering the museum, you become part of a fairy tale of evolution and uniqueness. With its 471-horsepower engine, the F40 is the perfect way to kickstart your tour by witnessing a fascinating combination of speed and beauty in a single car. Passing by the F50, you make your way towards what we all call perfection: the Supercars. With the best performing V12 fitted to a road car, Maranello presents the LaFerrari Coupe as the star of this chapter. With only 499 units created, the LaFerrari can only be characterized as majesticness on four wheels, being able to reach speed benchmarks beyond one’s expectations. We move on, andemerge in the world of motorsports, the home of the Ferrari Formula 1 Team, or “La Scuderia”. As you enter the room, above your head white-painted shelves bear the weight of numerous awards, ranging from Monza, to Spa, Melbourne, Barcelona and many more. The names of Schumacher, Ascari, Raikkonen and Lauda, accompanied by their own helmets are presented just below the trophies they won while driving thefamous red car. To sum it all up, decades of history are all to be found in a single place, Maranello. But something is still missing: the beginning. 

Now you find yourself in Modena, where it all began. This place is a temple of history, and its chambers portray pure perfection in the shapes of the Testarossa, the 365 GTB4 Daytona and the 250 GT Cabriolet. Modena welcomes you with more than just Ferrari cars, it offers you the chance to catch a glimpse of what’s been hiding behind the final creations: sketches, engine models and even objects owned by Enzo Ferrari himself. Everything is arranged in harmony, the same way in which the cars are designed. Now you understand it all: the beginning, the evolution, and the reason why this brand is an icon of luxury and speed. 

But what I’ve told you is just the prologue of a story that is hard to summarize, and thus we return to what Enzo Ferrari said, “You cannot describe passion, you can only live it”. And that is what someone should do if they are passioned by the Ferrari brand: live it where its heart is, at the Maranello and Modena Ferrari museums.

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