Chiara Boni

On the 24th of September, after more than twenty years of shows in New York, Chiara Boni finally returned to show her Spring/Summer 2024 collection at Milan Fashion Week. After the long-awaited event on Via San Luca, the runway show opened with an exclusive performance by singer and actress Drusilla Foer. Foer wrapped herself in a voluminous purple cape over a long mermaid dress with a simple sweetheart neckline. The Florentine actress interpreted Chiara Boni’s SS24 creation as a true diva, walking the runway to the rhythm of music. Foer, a close friend of designer Chiara Boni, performed Charlie Chaplin’s song “Smile” to start off the show.


“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa,” said American writer John Hemingway, and from these words, Chiara Boni drew inspiration for SS24; an explosion of colors, sensations, and life experiences. The show’s soundtrack, produced and composed by Thomas Costantin, is a journey that starts in Africa and arrives in New York, blending sounds emanating from opposing lifestyles. The runway is an urban jungle where the maison’s globetrotting woman brings her experiences in the wildest African nature to the city. The color palette drew from saturated colors like golden green, and bright orange and purple, balanced with midnight blue and black. Maxi zebra prints, graphic interpretations of tie-dye patterns, and jaguar spots add an exotic mood to the collection. Draping takes the spotlight. 


A true symbol of Made in Italy excellence, the company is deeply committed to sustainability. In 2019, it received the Product Environmental Footprint certification, making it the first women’s clothing brand in Europe to adopt it. Through the PEF certificate, the fashion house measures and declares the environmental impact of its entire production cycle, including water, energy, and carbon usage. New sustainable jersey fabrics add dynamism to the pieces. Chiara Boni partnered with the upcoming brand Bad at Math, which created handmade beaded bags that recreate the colorful prints of the collection.


Diving deeper into the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, the garments exuded a sense of femininity and elegance that was simply stunning. The vibrant colors, flattering silhouettes, and enchanting patterns of the garments transported the audience to an African-inspired journey. Complementing these designs was a range of accessories reminiscent of African culture, including large earrings and headwraps.


While all the garments shared a bold and powerful aesthetic, they also displayed remarkable diversity in terms of cuts, fabrics, patterns, and colors. The color palette, which included black, red, purple, navy blue, indigo, yellow, green, and orange, drew inspiration from African roots. The colors were joined together with the patterns on the garments that resembled “illusions”. The textiles varied from transparent fabrics to jewel-embroidered pieces, from silk-like sheens to leather-like textures. The brand described its latest collection as “super soft and slightly compressive,” crafted from “stretchy materials” that “enhance curves while ensuring an elegant appearance.” One standout piece, the “Ecolong Long Dress,” worn by Drusilla Foer during her opening performance, left the audience in awe with its navy blue hue, flattering silhouette, and floor-length puff sleeves, earning applause during its runway debut.


Despite the simplicity of the runway setup, strategically placed spotlights accentuated the designs and their vibrant colors. The play of shadows on the wall as models gracefully walked further underscored the sophistication of the collection. The models’ sleekly pulled-back hair and their graceful yet simple runway walk perfectly complemented the elegance of the garments, while their exceptionally high heels added to the overall classy look.


Overall, Chiara Boni’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection was a true testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering fashion that transcends boundaries and captures the essence of beauty and culture. The show not only celebrated the rich tapestry of African inspiration but also highlighted the brand’s dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and originality.


We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Chiara Boni for inviting LBSS to attend the SS24 spectacular fashion show. It is an honor to be part of such an esteemed event, and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to witness such creativity. Thank you once again for including us in this memorable event.

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